Cheating on april 17Edit

Posible to cheat:Edit

  • Monster lifes
  • Monster strength
  • Building damage
  • Monster speed
  • Misile silo reload speed
  • Construction phase on enemy city
  • Own buildings construction time (bug)


  • all kinds of flash decompilers
  • memory editors like CheatEngine

Imposible to cheat:Edit

(data is calculated and verified on server)

  • money
  • experience (every little botle)
  • monster count (but sometimes the server loses them)
  • building count


(the other users see all diferently because monsters die faster etc)

  • desincronisation
  • invisible monsters
  • repairing while attack


  • the server can not be responsible for every hit all monsters make because it would take huge resources
  • users computers calculate everything while attacking
  • if attacking computer "destroys" a building then the server belives the building is destroyed.
  • if the enemy computer kills cheaters monster it does no matter because on cheaters computer it comes home safe and is added back to inventory

Solution (the game developers job)Edit

  • Make harder to find values in applications memory. The misile silo ready value is "1" and not ready is "0" - takes a minute to find an adress and change the code that writes to this adress. Finding monster lifes takes 5 seconds and modifying the code takes another five seconds
  • Regulary check if there was tampering. The cheater will have to modify every checking-code to continue cheating and it will require a professional programmer.
  • Warn or ban those users (exept me)
  • Use some kind of resinchronisation between users and that will be the main signaller for cheating. Resinch is also needed because sometimes desincronisation happens when users have very different computer speeds.